I love a girl with golden hair

I love a girl with golden hair
Her name badge says she’s ‘Marge’
(I cannot keep my eyes off her
Her breasts are full and large!)
Yet all us other women here
Make sure to call her ‘Sarge’

She dresses very modestly
She wears a long-sleeved shirt
Concealing slender, shapely legs
Beneath a knee-length skirt
Yet every move this angel makes
Suggests a subtle flirt

To customers and all the men
She’s always very sweet
They smile at her and help her out
And hope she’ll give a treat
But all her charm is just a front
There isn’t any heat

She’s always so professional
And often staying late
Come traffic jam and icy gale
She’ll still be in by eight
But out of sight she is a sight
To truly titillate

Beneath that skirt she’s clad in silk
With stockings black and sheer
Her bra hides nipples graced with gold
A dragon inks her rear
It makes me shiver out of lust
Whenever she is near

On Friday last we hit the town
To dance the night away
It wasn’t ’til she grabbed my ass
I realised she was gay
We went outside and kissed for hours
Beneath the Milky Way

She has a penthouse with a view
Of buildings taller still
They crowd around like peeping toms
That seek a sexy thrill
She left the curtains open wide
And sat me on the sill

She slowly stripped my clothes away
Until I was quite bare
Her hungry mouth attacked my breasts
Her hands roved everywhere
The whole wide world could see us play
I really didn’t care

She spread my hips to part my lips
Not one to take it slow
‘But wait,’ I said, ‘There’s just one thing
‘I’d really like to know,
‘Why do the others call you “Sarge”?’
She laughed, said, ‘Wait a mo’.’

She reappeared in camouflage –
Yes, sergeant is her rank! –
‘I was an army girl,’ she said,
‘I used to drive a tank.’
She turned me round to face the glass
And gave my bum a spank

She pressed my back to keep me there
Exposed for all to see
Her other hand explored beneath
Her fingers found my G
Her thumb rubbed slowly ’gainst my clit
I screamed in ecstasy

She waited ’til I caught my breath
We shared a sweet caress
But when I reached to touch her breasts
She ordered me to dress
‘Next time,’ she said, ‘if you behave…’
It’s left me quite a mess!

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to I love a girl with golden hair

  1. A marvellous write, love this one..

    • Frank says:

      Thanks! All inspired by:

      The Walrus and the Carpenter
      Were walking close at hand;
      They wept like anything to see
      Such quantities of sand:
      ‘If this were only cleared away,’
      They said, ‘it would be grand!’

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