Okay, I’m not generally a zombie fan (although the Spanish film Sexy Killer is hilarious and brilliant and possibly the only film with zombies that even my wife could enjoy), but for whatever reason I have been in the mood lately to read a couple of zombie stories that have been lurching about groaning in the murky depths of my Kindle archive: D. Dye’s Zapocalypse (published October, 2013); and Erica Raine’s Dead Storm (originally published May, 2013, I think).

Cover of Zapocalypse by D Dye

Zapocalypse: The Midnight Special

A pair of gun-toting lesbian waitresses come to the rescue when a town is ravaged by redneck zombies…

I wanted to scream for joy. We had a weapon that didn’t glow in the dark or vibrate.

If you like lesbians and zombies, you can’t go wrong with this. It’s lighthearted and humorous with bits of gore mixed in. My main complaint is that the resolution of the story feels overly hasty, perhaps to avoid taking the plot into dark fantasy / thriller space. A fun read nevertheless.



Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, goodreads


Cover of Dead Storm by Kandi Kane

Dead Storm

The version on my Kindle has the author name as Kandi Kane, but this is no longer on Amazon; the book has been republished recently with the author as Erica Raine. This review is based on the version I have.

This is a very conflicted review, because I enjoyed the story. It’s quite a tense and addictive read. Multiple threads are interwoven skillfully. However, the plotting is occasionally a little clumsy, relying often on characters being blind to what’s obvious to the reader, and a little obvious in places with echoes of Resident Evil; but these are minor points.

More seriously, the glitchy grammar is a little distracting, but the real problem is a bizarre editing issue: The story ends (‘The End’) at the 43% location – then starts again from the beginning, reaching the end for the second time at the 85% location. This is followed by a short Epilogue, and the remaining 14% of the e-Book is samples of other work by the same author.

It’s not that the story didn’t reach its natural end, because it did, so there is a good, whole story in there, but I’m one of those people who has an expectation of when the story will end based on how many pages are left to read. It annoys me always when a book gets bulked out with a teaser chapter at the end. With Dead Storm I felt like I had been cheated out of half a story…

It’s a shame that a good story is so messed up by editorial issues.



Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, goodreads, Erica Raine’s website

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