Narvik and the Ofotbanen

I arrived in Narvik yesterday evening and the night was black. Today it was dark again by 4.30 p.m., but although I never actually saw the sun (the peaks of some mountains to the north were bright with reflected sunshine, however) it felt more-or-less like a normal Scottish winter’s day. I’m told the sun disappeared from Narvik a week ago on 6th November and won’t reappear until 12th February. This morning the clouds above Narvik were red with the unseen sunrise.

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The Ofotbanen is the railway that runs from Narvik to the Swedish border and beyond. Last year marked 100 years since the line from Narvik to the iron ore mine at Kiruna was completed. Today I was very privileged to be taken up the Ofotbanen to the Swedish border (the photo of my feet shows me straddling the border) and back.

The streets of Narvik have a coating of ice, but by the time you’ve climbed 500 metres the snow is about 30 centimetres thick – I couldn’t resist making a bed of it. The cliffs and rock cuttings along the railway look like frozen waterfalls.

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