Glitter: Real Stories From Real Women About Sexual Desire

The rules are simple: ‘girls only like boys but good girls don’t sleep with boys and you should have a close female friend but if you kiss you’re lesbians and that’s dirty…’

Are you satisfied with your normality and faintly disapproving of the strange and inappropriate sexual behaviour of certain other women? Or are you one of those other women who only pretends to be a ‘good girl’?

Cover of Mona Darling's Glitter

Mona Darling’s Glitter, published 2013, is a collection of short confessions from women whose sexual experiences and needs do not conform to society’s fairytale normality. These are women who are straight, lesbian, bisexual or pansexual; who are kinky, submissive, virgins or ‘pain sluts’; who enjoy sex in public areas, who find fulfilment with toys, who enjoy the services of sex workers; who are sex workers; who are disabled; who have a threesome on their wedding night; or who are different in many other ways.

For example, Amber remembers ‘as a young teenager being frustrated with the pervasive reliance on gender roles and rigid “gay” or “straight” sexuality. The black-and-white world of this-is-good/that-is-bad has always bothered me…’

And Polly Priss says it’s ‘okay to embrace kinks on a private, personal level. It doesn’t matter why I want this, why I like this, or when it began. What matters is that I’m living an authentic life and learning to embrace myself.’

Sometimes these tales are erotic; sometimes they’re disturbing – many include memories of date rape and worse. As a whole, the collection is a wonderful exposure of the diversity of women’s sexual identities, desires and experiences.


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