Synthetic Love

Do not read this. Just press the ‘Back’ button of your browser and pretend you were never here…

My lover keeps me in a box
Mahogany with silver locks
He keeps me secret, out of sight,
And only lets me out at night

My basement bedroom’s always clean
The maid I’ve heard but never seen
The bed is always freshly laid
With silken sheets of cream and jade

My days are spent in dark and doubt
I hate the nights I’m not let out
But all’s forgiven when he’s here
(I’m only happy if he’s near)

He stands me gently, without haste,
And wraps a corset round my waist
He dresses me in underwear
And sits me in a comfy chair

He licks my toes – it’s very sweet –
And puts stilettos on my feet
His hands caress my stockinged thighs
But keep their distance from the prize

I’m made a canvas for his art
Sophisticated, smooth and smart
With glossy pink and orange lips
And multicoloured fingertips

He lifts me gently, cradles me,
It’s in his arms I long to be
So muscular, so well defined,
So full of need, so very kind

Then on the bed he casts me down
And strips aside his dressing gown
His hands are brutal, skin is rough
Of this I never get enough

His kisses make the tension build
I’m soon impatient to be filled
He grabs my legs, reveals my pride,
And shifts my G-string to one side

His shaft is small but when we mate
I perfectly accommodate
But since I am not ready yet
He fingers me until I’m wet

At last he ends his cruel tease
And climbs between my wide-spread knees
I thrill to feel him hard inside
And, lying back, enjoy the ride

The pleasure’s great, but does not last,
Too soon his virile passion’s passed
But in the cosy aftermath
We share a playful bubble bath

Throughout the night he keeps me warm
Until, awaking with the dawn,
He lays me in my wooden cell
And kisses me a fond farewell

As I’ve said before, experimental poetry is dangerous. The aim was to write something erotic, but to be honest I find it disturbing and rather creepy!

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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4 Responses to Synthetic Love

  1. No not too creepy, I liked this a lot…

  2. Noora says:

    “The aim was to write something erotic, but to be honest I find it disturbing and rather creepy!” You always make me smile! :))

    • Frank says:

      I like playing with ideas, especially themes of love that most people would reject out of hand. A sex doll in love with her owner? Why not. From her perspective she’s happy.

      But, viewed from outside? (There’s a very creepy horror film called Love Object which is based on a man’s relationship with a sex doll.) Apart from anything else, it has echoes of The Stepford Wives (and I’m not thinking the Nicole Kidman version).

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