The Siren’s Song

Ten toes pedicured pink and trim
Gracing feet so smooth and slim
Dancing through the surf and sand
To the rhythm of that distant band
Cavorting with the playful sea
Aiming teasingly for me

Nine’s the number that she chooses
I’m the six that she abuses
Unequal symmetry
There isn’t any choice for me
This lonely beach makes my bed
Waves lapping against my head

Eight times now we’ve met like this
Public in our private bliss
My days are spent in tortured thought
She’s my addiction, I am caught
I wait heart sick for the sun to fall
To hear again her siren call

Seven o’clock the church bells ring
In twilight calm she starts to sing
An ancient voice, a subtle beat
Beautiful, yet bittersweet
A summoning, a deadly lure
A plaintive need I can’t endure

Six I am to her dominant nine
Beneath I lie in the coiling brine
Trapped between her muscular hips
Lapping at her juicy lips
As she in turn attacks my slit
Tongue circling round my aching clit

Five fingers scratch across my chest
And gently swirl about one breast
Five fingers more caress my thighs
But never claim the easy prize
I beg for her to swim that stream
And find the spot that makes me scream

Four lips kissing, four lips more
This sacred act I do adore
I want to please, the pleasure’s mine
The rich aroma is divine
I drown myself in her –
I drown myself in her

Three fingers hold my opening wide
Her slithering tongue delves deep inside
Finding quick that special zone
Eliciting a lustful moan
Deciphering my body’s code
With wordless passion I explode…

Two tongues entwined and side by side
I lie with evening’s wicked bride
Once again she’s conquered me
Too soon, I know, she’ll set me free
Luxurious in the fading light
We kiss until the stars are bright

One, alone, the water sighs
About my ears, in my eyes
Washing all my tears away – I’d stay
To die in this romantic bay
But know tomorrow I’ll be near
Embracing sorrow ’til she’s here

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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2 Responses to The Siren’s Song

  1. Wonderful, loved this one…

    • Frank says:

      Thanks 🙂
      As you’ve probably noticed, my sense of humour usually gets in the way of a meaningful poem. I managed to kick it into submission tonight…

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