The Road to Poenari

Visiting Castle Bran the other day was fun, but as any vampire enthusiast knows the real Dracula’s castle is Poenari. A series of posts by Manning Leonard Krull in 2006 (see My Visit to Castle Poenari) has a detailed description of Castle Poenari.

This was our destination today. We started in Alba Iulia and drove east via Sibiu, turning south along Route 7C – the Transfăgărășan (sounds like ‘transfiguration’). This road cuts through the Făgăraș mountains – some of the highest of the great Southern Carpathians (Carpații Meridionali) – and in fact passes between Romania’s highest peak (Moldoveanu, 2544m) and its second highest (Negoiu, 2535m). The road itself reaches a height of 2034m. On the southern descent, it passes past Poenari Castle. (Here’s the Wikipedia page).

But alas! Thanks to a cold spring and heavy snow in April, there are still 2km of road at the top of the pass that are blocked by snow, over a metre thick in places, so plans to visit Poenari had to be abandoned. (It should be reachable from the south, but tomorrow is business and Friday I’m flying home.)

But what an astonishing road!

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3 Responses to The Road to Poenari

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  2. Hello! This is Manning from Dracula: History and Myth. Thanks so much for the link! I’m so sorry you didn’t make it to Poenari! My first time in Transylvania I almost did exactly what you did. I was staying in a hostel (I forget which town; I stayed in four or five) and was looking at a large map of Transylvania on the wall, and it looked like the most efficient path for me would be coming south through those mountains to Poenari, but the lady at the hostel warned me that those mountain roads are sometimes closed in colder weather due to snow and ice! This was October and she said there was a decent chance they’d be closed but she wasn’t sure. So I changed my plans in order to approach Poenari from the south, and….. I came down with a very bad stomach bug and had to abandon the rest of the trip entirely! Biggest disappointment of my life. I ended up coming back to Romania a year later to see all the things I’d missed, and finally made it to Poenari. So hopefully you’ll get a second chance like I did!

    • Frank says:

      Hi – thanks!
      I hope I get there one day. In a way, I’m glad it’s so hard to get there – it makes the adventure more real and not ‘just another stop on the tourist trail’.

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