Holiday Snaps – Castles Peleş and Bran

Travelled from Bucharest by train to Sinaia. The journey was flat and largely uninteresting most of the way – although I slept for most of it – until we reached the mountains and the track coiled up alongside a river, steep gradients and tight curves, really beautiful. Sinaia railway station, which is interesting in itself for having been built twice as the Royal Railway Station, has a model railway exhibition which is very nicely put together, and clearly a popular destination for parties of school kids. (There’s a big model railway in the Deutsche Museum in Munich, but it wasn’t actually working when I was there last week.)

First stop today was Castle Peleş, near Sinaia, which was built for King Carol I. (Here’s the Wikipedia entry if you want to know more.)

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Later we drove to Castle Bran for a spot of vampire hunting. Of course, there are too many tourists there for any self-respecting vampire to want to live there – although I dare say the plentiful supply of fresh food might make it a nice place for a summer holiday – but it really would be a lovely house if you could get it to yourself. I don’t know what the current status is, but in 2007 it was on the market for £40 million. (If only those taxi drivers hadn’t taken all my lei…)

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