Romanian Bloodsuckers…

… don’t live in castles. They drive taxis and prey on ignorant foreigners.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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5 Responses to Romanian Bloodsuckers…

  1. Have to tell you though, that all Bloodsuckers are Romanian, I’ve met such bloodsuckers all over the world 🙂

    If you look at all lost, they come out of the shadows in broad daylight 🙂

    • Frank says:

      Last time I was here I discovered it wasn’t safe to stand still outside the hotel – despite (or because of) it being a nice hotel in the centre – because you become a target for people trying to drag you off to see girls (in some mystery place that no one ever returns from, I guess).

  2. Uh oh. Hope your trip isn’t that bad.

    • Frank says:

      No, but the worst bit about travelling to Romania is the bit where you exit the airport and try to find a taxi. Last time I came, something slightly dodgy happened but it turned out okay. This time… As the taxi set off, second man got in, explaining that there was a change in shift, so there I was in a taxi with two men up front. They took me along the direct path to the hotel, so I kept my fingers crossed, but when we got there he explained that the charge was 576-ish lei – which is insane, and I refused to pay. They explained that it was the standard rate for private hire, which is something they hadn’t made clear at all up front. The correct standard rate is 3.50 lei/km, not 35 lei/km. Sigh.

      Anyway, they were angry that I wasn’t willing to pay, and I didn’t want to be left for dead in a ditch, so I said here’s 240 lei, all I’ve got on me, let me out of the taxi (the doors were locked so I couldn’t open them myself) and you can have that.

      No, no, no, they said, and said fine we take you back to the airport that’s your problem…

      I shrugged.

      After a couple of minutes they circled round and carefully let me out, making sure I wouldn’t just run away.

      Sigh. Anyway. Just had a nice meal, and tomorrow I head off towards Brasov and the adventure begins.

  3. Very jealous, despite the risks to personal safety! We were going to do a little Dracula’s Castle trip for my birthday in June, but I’m trying to be good and save for the wedding. Take lots of pictures and put them up.

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