Blood Glamour

Cover of Sonia Cardini's Blood Glamour

Sonia Cardini’s Blood Glamour, published 2012 (possibly earlier), is an Italian novel with an English translation available.

The English isn’t perfect, but it’s easy to read and understand. It even adds a certain ‘authentic’ charm (‘authentic’ in the same way that pizzas taste better when the waiter is Italian). I have a persistent itch to fix the translation, but if I could do that then I’d be reading it in Italian anyway. I wish I could. Which do you think sounds better:

Her pink and shiny pussy is waiting to be touched.


La sua figa rosea e lucida sta aspettando di essere toccata.

Mmm… I love Italian. (I’m suddenly reminded of this gorgeous phrase: la grandezza straordinaria de’ membri – see Alyth and the incubus.)

The story is narrated by Asia, a thirty-ish career woman, wealthy and with the androgynous beauty many models have, living in an apartment in a palazzo in Milan. She has refined and specific tastes in shoes, clothing, make-up, perfume,… and drives an expensive car. After receiving a high bill for inferior wine, she complains:

I only said that when I spend money, and I spend a lot of money ok, this is true, but I want to do it for something that satisfies me. I don’t want to be taken for a fucking ride. In short, this wine sucks.

She’s very confident in her pursuit of women, but shies away from relationships, refusing to be pinned down even by the woman she loves.

All of this is character, and while she may seem like cruel seductress, a rich bitch more passionate about herself than others, underneath that is a human in need of something more profound and deserving of compassion. She is also a window on Milan, one of the great cities of fashion, and aspects of lesbian life there.

I believe that windows are made for this, to be witnesses of the lives of others, and the others of our own.

And there’s more… There’s a presence in Asia’s apartment, possibly inside Asia herself, that gradually becomes more tangible, more alive; that is both seductive and terrifying for her.


Links,, goodreads, Sonia Cardini’s Facebook page

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  1. Sonia says:

    I’m Sonia Cardini, thanks for your opinion 😉

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