A Vow of Tears

Cover of A Vow of Tears by Jill H. O'Bones

Jill H. O’Bones’s A Vow of Tears, published April 2012, is the first part of a trilogy – the third part, A Vow of Fate: The Final Vow was published in April 2013.

The central idea in this – the mother, half-turned, setting out to rescue her child, at any cost to herself – is a nice idea. I like the story of her human life that weaves through this. The Wiccan aspects are also nice, although I feel that moments of reverent peace and prayer are counterproductive to the tension and pacing.

While I enjoyed the story, I also found it rather frustrating. What I suspect is the solution to the mystery that is Sara is presented rather unnecessarily and in an unlikely way. Vincent is relentlessly and tiresomely aggressive towards Sara in a ‘oh he’s just falling in love with her’ way. Margret evolves from tough alpha-vamp to emotional and pathetic, which I don’t understand at all…



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