Black Heart

Cover of Morgan Dreiss's novella Black Heart

‘There is always a market for vampires and lesbians. That’s just science.’ So says Morgan Dreiss, author of Black Heart, published April 2013.

Black Heart is a rare delight for me, a novella in which the protagonist is a bisexual female vampire – and it’s written by an author who also identifies as bisexual. And it’s well-written, too, with a nice humour in places, and a willingness to be different:

The two main characters, Nasira Nassif and Annie Goldstein, are both people of color. Nasira is Saudi, and Annie is a Sephardic Jew. Nasira is bisexual while Annie is a lesbian.

(See: Social Justice (SJ) Reasons To Read Black Heart.)

Not that the story is about any of that. As the author says, ‘absolutely none of this fucking matters.’ No, it’s about a serial killer: werewolf Annie is abducted, and vampire Nasira has four days to find her girlfriend before the killer cuts her heart out.

I leave you with this quote from Black Heart:

It was said that nothing was more frightening than a werewolf’s howl – except a vampire saying, “Oh, I’m not mad at all, really.”


Links,, goodreads, Morgan Dreiss’s tumblr

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