the taste of warm blood on my lips

Not a post about vampires, although Bliss does almost conjure these creatures to mind:

Your venom kiss infected me with lust
Too weak, I gave in to your wicked curse

And I became your slave that night
Until the touch of morning light …

Before the darkness disappeared
I felt the taste of warm blood on my lips

After the thrill of Leni King’s Lesbian Juices (see Erotic Poetry and Creative Juices) I searched Amazon for other erotic lesbian poetry, and two books caught my eye.

Neona Lee’s Gentle Cruelty, published 2011, is a collection of poems (including Bliss excerpted above) written over the past decade. The imagery is astonishing – powerful, intense and intimate. Take One Night Stand, for example, which begins:

You left the sweet love bites of freedom
On my neck
Intoxicating me
With substance treacherously poisonous

Wonderful command of language, and here’s another, an extract from Hot and cold:

This wicked triangle
A secret sweet geometry of lust
The crucifixion of the trust
That once was bonding you and me

There is darkness here too. I am not a poet begins:

This is not poetry
This is a mass production of words
Wrapped nicely and sold as souvenirs

But don’t believe it. This is poetry full of love, lust and… life. This is a poet

Exchanging an invisible fraction of freedom
For eternal damnation.

I’m taking my time reading this book of poems; I’m only halfway through. I confess I struggled at first with the rhythm, trying to find how to read it, to capture its secret, but I find that on re-reading it this difficulty has evaporated.


Links,, goodreads, Neona Lee’s facebook page

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