Astrological Alyth

My friend Alyth has been having a difficult time of late. Following the mysterious disappearance of her friend-maybe-girlfriend Tina, she’s been fielding frequent confused calls from Tina’s parents and brother, and even the police have been round asking questions. My blogging of Alyth’s unlikely tales of magic mushrooms and vampiric abduction hasn’t helped matters.

Alyth has been haunting the library, looking for Lily or Tina, but without success. ‘I haven’t dared to do any magic there, though,’ she says. Which is not to say she hasn’t been pursuing her otherworldly interests. Two weeks ago, she was very excited about the full moon. The moon entered Virgo on February 25th, which was also the day of the full moon, and of course the sun is in Pisces, and apparently (don’t ask me) Pisces and Virgo are opposites, Virgo (an earth sign) being very grounded, practical, structured, while Pisces (a water sign) is all about letting go, relaxing, journeying to astral planes…

I am not a believer in astrology, but Alyth is, and I think her current preoccupation with it is an escape from the continuing stress of Tina’s unexplained absence and the pressure of university coursework. Next Friday is the last day of term, however, and she’s planning to stay with her sister Lindsay over Easter.

Or ‘Ostara’ as Alyth insists on calling it: ‘Easter is a Christian corruption of Ostara,’ she says, ‘the celebration of the dawn goddess Eostre at the spring equinox.’ This year the equinox is on March 20th – a week on Wednesday. It’s a day of special significance to Alyth, quite apart from its pagan potency, because it was on a spring equinox that Alyth was conceived (see here).

‘I’m thinking to go back there,’ she told me this morning.

‘To Alyth?’ She nodded. ‘Why?’

She hesitated before replying, ‘Lily called me a “half-blood witch”. I don’t know what she meant. I even asked Mum and Dad, but they don’t know. I can’t help wondering if the answer’s in that cemetery in Alyth…’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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