Alyth and the fairy tails

My friend Alyth phoned last night to ask me to pick her up. I told her I was busy and asked if she could just get a taxi – and then she started begging. I’ve never heard Alyth sound desperate before, so of course I agreed. ‘I’m at the library,’ she said. ‘Please park as close as you can, and call me.’

By luck I got to within twenty metres of the main entrance. I phoned her as asked, and a minute later she was walking gingerly across the snow-covered Tarmac. She was barefoot, and bare-legged, her black duffel coat barely covering her apparently bare cheeks.

‘Are you naked under that?’ I asked as she slid into the car with elaborate care, covering her exposed thighs with her denim bag, and bringing with her the rich fragrance of blackberries.

‘Just shut up and drive,’ she muttered. She was looking pretty miserable, her hair messed up, and maybe she’d even been crying earlier, so I kept my mouth shut and drove us to her flat. She was half asleep when we arrived – I was fortunate to find a convenient parking spot – and I was treated without warning to a flash of red curls as she climbed out of the car. I tried not to watch her legs as I made my way up the steps behind her, but my eyes were drawn to numerous scratches that looked fresh, and marks elsewhere that didn’t quite look like blood stains, but may have been.

‘I need a shower,’ she said wearily as she pushed through the door and disappeared into the dark hallway, calling back, ‘Help yourself to coffee!’

An hour later she joined me in the kitchen, looking much recovered physically but still clearly bothered by something. She was wearing the flowery green silk yukata I bought for her in Asakusa three years ago. It contrasts beautifully with Alyth’s fiery hair. I handed her a mug of hot, fresh, filter coffee. ‘Do you want to talk about it?’

She didn’t answer immediately, just sat opposite me at the small kitchen dining table, cradling the mug and sipping the black, steaming liquid. ‘We had our last exam this afternoon,’ she said eventually, eyes focussed on the coffee. ‘Afterwards we went shopping at Marks and Spencer’s – fresh fruit, a bottle of wine. When we came outside again it was snowing, and soon we were walking through a blizzard. Since we were close to the library, we thought we might as well shelter for a while until the snow eased.’

‘And since you were there, you thought you’d go vampire hunting?’

Alyth laughed. ‘Yes. That’s not why we went in there, but I can’t deny that we’ve both been thinking about it, so of course once we were there we couldn’t resist looking for Lily.’ She fell silent. ‘I’m so stupid. I mean, it’s one thing to put myself in danger, but what possessed me to take Tina with me?’

‘So you found Lily?’

‘Well, we dumped our stuff in a corner then searched the whole library, floor by floor, aisle by aisle, and once or twice I caught a glimpse of her briefly in the distance, wearing a cream-coloured woollen jumper with a roll-neck, and tight blue jeans. She was always gone before we could catch her. Indeed, she was always gone before I could even point her out to Tina, so we were both feeling quite frustrated.

‘We returned to our secluded corner on the top floor to make out for a bit, and we drank wine while we watched the snowflakes falling bright against the dark night. And that’s when the idea of doing an evocation struck me.’

‘Uh oh,’ I said. The last time she did an evocation she had wild hallucinations – of fantastic sex, but still.

‘Well, it seemed like a harmless idea. I just wanted to make it possible for us to see beyond the mundane. Lily’s a creature of magic, after all, so it made sense to use magic to help us find her.’

‘So, what, more magic mushrooms?’

‘Oh, nothing that serious. Just blackberries and wine, and a drop of blood from each of us.’

‘Blackberries and wine?’

‘Well, we could have used water, but the wine was handy. The blackberries are the important thing, so it was a lucky coincidence I’d bought some earlier. They act as a catalyst when mixed with blood. It’s best to pick them wild, but you can get okay results with supermarket produce.’

I’m always amazed at the way Alyth makes magic sound so ordinary and almost believable. ‘Okay, so you mixed your potion, did a chant?’ – Alyth nodded – ‘and then what? Lily suddenly appeared?’

‘Sort of. Tina noticed her suddenly at the far end of the aisle closest to us. She pointed and said, “Is that her?” And it was. We jumped up and practically ran towards her. Lily spotted us, and looked irritated, not happy. She walked off, and although we reached the corner where she had been only a few seconds later, she was nowhere in sight.

‘Which was strange because in front of us was another aisle that stretched far into the distance, just shelves full of books, no other aisles crossing. It felt impossible. We looked back the way we came, and that was the same, shelves as far as the eye could see.

‘Which is when we started to panic. We raced back, but instead of reaching our table by the window there was another corner with another long aisle of shelves. Shelves that reached much higher than usual, maybe five metres, all packed with books of many colours and sizes, mostly nineteenth century literature. Peering through the books, we could see another aisle, but when I managed to stick my head through for a proper look, it was another aisle that stretched impossibly far in either direction.

‘We didn’t know what to do. We just walked, and as we walked it got darker, and darker, the shelves stretching higher and higher until lost in the darkness. Around us the books rustled in an almost predatory manner, like a vast flock of scavengers, and we caught glimpses of bats flitting past over our heads. Strange, small, glowing orange orbs that drifted about randomly provided just enough light for us to see.

‘We felt very alone and vulnerable. I’ve never seen Tina look so scared before. I tried to reassure her that we’d find a way out. Soon we noticed there were vines growing out from between the shelves. Some were thick and ropey, like grapevine but without leaves or fruit. But there were also thinner vines with prickly thorns that scratched our skin and snagged our clothing. These also had clusters of blackberries, which proved to be very tasty. As we continued, the blackberry vines became more and more an obstacle, catching and tearing our clothing, no matter how careful we tried to be. I’m covered in scratches now. It didn’t make sense to give up and turn back, because the vines were growing into a dense bush behind us.

‘The bramble gradually stripped our clothing away, until we were fighting our way through naked, scratched, stained with juice of crushed blackberries. It was quite funny in an absurd way, but very creepy. It felt like the library was playing with us, especially since the blackberry vines thinned out once our clothing had been stripped away.

‘Ahead of us the floor was alive with thick, sinister grapevine that slithered and coiled like a nest of snakes. If we could have turned back we would have. We took our chances, however. There wasn’t any choice, really. Made our way forward slowly, careful not to touch the serpentine vines.

‘Suddenly Tina started laughing. “Look at us. Two naked girls trapped in a magical realm.” She gave me a wistful smile. “I never believed in magic before today. I really wish I hadn’t come looking for Lily with you.” Taking a careful step closer to me, so that her body pressed against mine, wonderfully warm in contrast to the chill air of the library, she added, “But I am glad I’m here with you, Alyth.” We held each other tight, and kissed hungrily.

‘While we were kissing, a vine had curled about my left foot, and when we tried to move I tripped and fell backwards with a cry. Immediately the vines sprung to life, and I screamed as they wrapped about my arms and legs and slammed me back against the bookshelves. More vines tightened about my chest and head as my arms and legs were pulled painfully wide. Opposite me, Tina screamed as she too was splayed wide.

‘She looked at once grotesque and profoundly erotic, bound immobile with breasts protruding distorted through a coil of vine, and her exposed pussy almost screaming an invitation to be licked and fucked. No doubt I presented the same image to her. I tried to work my hands free, but the vines tightened even further until I thought I would be torn apart.

‘After a few minutes, Tina asked, surprisingly calmly, “What do we do now?” When I said I didn’t know, she said, “Is it sick that all I’m thinking about at the moment is how much I want to eat you out?”

‘I laughed and replied, “If so, we’re both sick.” It’s funny. We were trapped, almost like flies in a spider’s web, but were happy just to lust after each other.

‘And then Lily was there. I didn’t see where she came from, because the vine severely restricted my vision. “I followed the scent of blood,” she explained, “but I’m suddenly thirsty for something else.” With one hand she started teasing my nipples, caressing one for a while then circling slowly round the other, while her other hand mirrored the tease on Tina’s nipples. My breasts swelled from the attention and the pressure against the imprisoning vine increased. My nipples felt like they were about to explode.

‘“Please help us,” I begged her.

‘Lily was suddenly furious. “Why should I help you?” she shouted at me. “What kind of moronic half-blood witch does an evocation in a library?” She looked around and above her, studying the shelves, and maybe her vampiric eyes penetrated the darkness better than mine, for I could see nothing there to give us hope. “Okay,” she decided eventually, again glaring at me, “I will help you, but I will only take one of you with me. You can choose which.”

‘“Take Tina,” I said immediately, ignoring Tina who was saying we should stick together – but it was my fault she was in this mess and I had to get her out somehow, even if it meant trusting a vampire.

‘Lily shrugged, and smiled in a way that wasn’t reassuring. She grabbed hold of the vine that coiled about my head and sank her fangs into its flesh. I could feel its scream writhing along its length, and suddenly the pressure was released, the vines almost throwing me into Lily’s embrace. But I wasn’t free. I had merely exchanged an indifferent captor for a vengeful one. Lily held me tight against the shelves, her cool hand feeling like ice pressed into the small of my back. It set the books fluttering their pages mischievously at my breasts and teasing my nipples deliciously, while she spanked me, hard with the flat of her hand against the tops of my thighs.

‘I’ve been spanked before, but only playfully. I’m not really into the whole pain/pleasure thing. I’m quite happy to stop at B and leave DSM to others. But Lily really wasn’t giving me a choice. She had me pinned helpless, and ignored my cries and complaints.’ Alyth squirmed uncomfortably in her seat as she recalled this treatment. ‘My bum still hurts,’ she explained.

‘She spanked me ten times on the left thigh, then ten on the right. Just when I hoped it was over, her hand started exploring between my thighs, pinching my lips with her sharp nails and rubbing my clit roughly between her cold fingers. It hurt, but it was fantastic. Even my savaged legs felt they were radiating pain as sexual heat. I’d stopped complaining. I wanted her to keep going, bring me all the way to the climax I felt building inside me.

‘Instead, she grabbed my hair suddenly and pulled me down onto my hands and knees, pushed her fingers into my mouth, and snarled, “Taste yourself, witch-slut!” She left me there, burning with shame and frustration, and walked over to Tina who was still wrapped motionless in vines, but clearly aroused by what she had just witnessed. Lily knelt in front of Tina and buried her face in the dark, glistening curls. I couldn’t see what she was doing, could only see the shimmering beauty of Lily’s long blonde hair, but Tina’s repeated gasping cries of “Oh, fuck! Yes!” said it all. It wasn’t long before she peaked, the vines still holding her too tight to breathe and move properly. When at last Lily stood again, there was a trickle of blood running from a bite mark at the top of Tina’s right thigh.

‘Lily grabbed hold of one of the vines and brought it to her mouth. Before she could bite, however, the vines all shivered with fear and sprung away from Tina, who collapsed to her knees panting.

‘Where Lily had treated me roughly, even cruelly, she handled Tina with surprising tenderness, lifting her gently and wrapping her left arm firmly, almost protectively, around Tina’s chest. “Hold tight to me,” she told her, and after a moment’s hesitation Tina did so. Lily climbed one-handed up the shelves without saying anything to me or even looking at me. Tina closed her eyes with fear as soon as the awkward climb started, and I watched mournfully as they ascended swiftly into darkness.

‘I was alone. Naked, humiliated, still feeling the pain of Lily’s hand against my thighs, and my pussy burned with the memory of her sweet torture. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so miserable as at that moment – abused and abandoned, utterly lost, and despite all that incredibly horny.’

Alyth sighed, looking thoroughly dejected. She drank the remaining mouthful of coffee. ‘The only sensible thing to do was follow them, but climbing a bookshelf isn’t quite as easy as you might imagine, and this was no ordinary bookshelf.

‘It was the books, you see. As soon as I took my eyes off them they transformed into tiny people, no taller than the books they pretended to be. Some were men, often in Victorian suits, some women, in a wide array of beautiful silk dresses, wide below with waist-cinching corsets, all chattering away excitedly in high, squeaky voices. Perfectly proportioned tiny humans, but with long tails like rats that swished about them with startling speed. I would catch glimpses of them out of the corners of my eyes, but if I tried to look at them they would scurry back to their places and return to being books.

‘Holding on to the shelves as I was, trying rather awkwardly to climb, my breasts kept pushing against the shelves and I could hear the little book fairies complaining angrily about the intrusion. One of them started whipping me with her tail. I cried out with shock, and begged her not to, which started them all giggling, and soon I was being whipped by their tiny tails all down my front, even across my pussy. It stung like crazy and I almost gave up climbing, but I was determined to get out of that place.

‘It wasn’t easy to endure that pain, but I was also getting very aroused by it, just as Lily’s spanking had excited me earlier. The book fairies noticed this, I think, because they started chanting as a chorus, “Whip the witch-slut! Make her come! Whip the witch-slut! Make her come!” and in between whipping my breasts and thighs they squeezed my nipples and rubbed their tiny hands all round my pussy – which felt so very wet.’

Alyth picked up her empty mug of coffee, wrapped both hands around it, and asked, ‘Can you imagine holding a nipple this big in your hand?’ Without taking her large grey-blue eyes off me, she licked and kissed and nibbled at the huge imaginary nipple she held and squeezed. ‘Or a clitoris this big?’ She held the mug above her face and licked the underside slowly, before laughing mischievously. ‘I’d love to do that.’

‘I’ll never look at a mug of coffee the same way,’ I said, making her laugh again.

‘I was still trying to climb, but I was pausing for longer and longer, and pushing my breasts and pussy against the shelves to give them better access, and I started loving the bright pain of their tails as much as the pleasure their hands gave. When I climaxed finally, I was clinging desperately to the shelves so high that the floor was lost in darkness. Suddenly, at the point of orgasm, one of the fairies whipped my clit, and in that moment of lightning agony I lost all control, and fell screaming from the shelves into the abyss –

‘– and landed on the floor of the library in the real world, my body convulsing with shock and pleasure.’

‘That’s the first time I’ve heard of someone being whipped to orgasm by fairytales.’

Alyth rolled her eyes at my wordplay, and continued. ‘Tina’s stuff was gone, but my coat and bag were still there, thank the Goddess. Running round the library naked wouldn’t have been so bad, I think, but trying to explain why I was covered in scratches, blood and blackberry juice would have been too embarrassing.

‘I feel like such a slut,’ she sighed, ‘and not really in a good way.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with being a slut,’ I told her. We’ve both ranted in the past about people slut-shaming. ‘Embrace it!’

‘I know, I know. But I feel there’s a difference between enjoying sex for its own sake, which I have no problem with, and enjoying sex while people are calling you a slut and treating you like a worthless sex object – and I certainly enjoyed it.’

‘Would you prefer I don’t write this up on my blog?’

‘Oh, please do!’ She grinned. ‘It turns me on knowing that people read about my adventures.’ Then she turned serious again. ‘It’s Tina I’m worried about. She’s not answering her phone, or anything. I told a vampire to take my girlfriend away, and now I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again…’

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A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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