Christmas Blood

Maxi Shelton’s novella Christmas Blood, published 2012, blends a number of familiar vampire themes into a romance with plenty of blood. While at a Halloween party, dressed unhappily as a pink fairy, Daisy meets a vampire who decides to make her into his vampire bride. She wakes up alone, abandoned, and craving blood – but without the ability to take it properly. Tuhin, a heartsick vampire, rescues her from certain death a month later, and nurses her back to health.

This is one of those vampire stories where blood drinking is erotic for the victim (or donor, I guess, if willing):

For the first time, he even felt her little kitten teeth bite into his already open wound. The shock and pleasure from it made him groan and nearly spill his seed in his trousers.

Hmm… Weird and a little gross, but at least it was only nearly. Oh, wait…

Tuhin exploded in his trousers right in front of this half dead female.

Ick. Does anyone find that erotic?

Also, once again we have a vampire who hasn’t been, er, hard for a long time, but has at last found that special woman for whom he is hard all the time – see Tired of all the sex? Can you imagine a man writing a romance about a woman whose pussy never gets wet, except when she meets this one special man who makes her wet all the time?

There’s also that questionable moment where, having found and known a kind, sexy man for all of 10 minutes, she’s suddenly weak and pathetic when he leaves her. Oh, but they’re fated to be together forever, or something, so this sudden dependency is quite natural, just like Bella’s obsession with the absent Edward in New Moon? Sigh. I could understand collapsing in self-pity, but why does it have to be about a man?

Anyway. Despite all this, it’s an enjoyable story, and I always like reading about female vampires in London, but it would be nice if the characters were better developed. Daisy here is little more than a helpless victim in need of rescuing by a man. Also, it really needs editing for grammar, section breaks at POV switches, and consistent paragraph formatting – and it loses a star for that.


Links,, goodreads, Maxi Shelton’s website

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