Bite With Height

Lucy Felthouse’s short story Bite With Height is an erotic romance between lonely vampire Meg and a confused young human woman called Grace. The story is set in Paris, moving between the seedy Pigalle district and nearby Montmartre, and it has some nice touches. I like:

I’m at the second highest point in Paris, at night, with a lesbian vampire.


Meg thought all her birthdays had come at once, and for a vamp who was almost two hundred years old, that was a lot of birthdays.

It’s actually a sweet story, but I really wish it had taken more time to develop and deepen the relationship between the two characters. Rather than a hasty evolution, from strangers to lovers, that never feels quite real, a gradual and more intimate interaction would have allowed also for exploration of Meg’s history and nature.

That is my principal dissatisfaction with the story. I was also irritated by frequent erroneous paragraph breaks.

I’m also unhappy with some of the vampire aspects.

It wasn’t what you’d expect from a typical vampire lair.

What would you expect? And:

She bent and licked the skin covering the artery in her groin that she’d drink from … sunk her teeth as gently as she could into her skin, piercing the artery … licking the tiny wounds to help them heal …

The artery in the groin – I assume that means the femoral artery running down the leg – is at least an inch beneath the skin. It would make more sense to target one of the veins…

And one final nit-picking point: How does Meg dispose of the corpses?


Links,, goodreads, Lucy Felthouse’s website

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