A Cup of Blood, and other stories

Kelly Sanders is a prolific writer of erotic short stories (‘an angelic office worker by day and a devilish writer of erotica by night’, according to her profile on Smashwords) with themes of BDSM, lesbian and paranormal sex. Here are reviews of three of her vampire stories.

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A Cup of Blood

We never learn the name of the vampire narrating A Cup of Blood, but her life as a vampire is carefully and intelligently introduced: the need to relocate frequently, maintaining a facade of humanity. It’s not clear how old she is, but her need for blood and sex have always outweighed her desire for a deeper, emotional connection – until she meets Caroline:

Is this what real human attraction feels like, I wondered. It felt entirely foreign to me.

This then develops into a wonderfully erotic blend of urgent sexual passion and fangs penetrating flesh to drink crimson gold blood:

I wanted her so badly; her flesh and blood in equal measure … I wanted to taste her and in more ways than one.

It’s brilliantly written, and my only complaint is near the end:

I could see that I had drained her almost to the brink of death. … We cuddled for a little while as she regained her energy.

You do get the sense that she drinks a lot of blood. It will take a lot longer than a few minutes of cuddling to recover from that…


Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

The Lesbian Vampire

Despite the title, the (unnamed) vampire in this story seems to be bisexual, since she’s dating and having sex with our (also unnamed) narrator’s father. This story is an inversion of A Cup of Blood, in that once again the primary theme is consensual F/F with added blood drinking, but here it is the narrator who is human.


Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

Vampire Suck Me!

This one goes deep into Dracula territory. The unnamed narrator and his friends are travelling through Eastern Europe, and decide to spend a night in a castle (converted into a hotel) in Romania (in the mountains south of Targo Mures). The taxi driver who takes them is afraid of the place and they have to walk the last stretch.

They’ve been lured there by the prospect of picking up some beautiful Romanian girls, and certainly the place has that potential, but our narrator is drawn rather to a trio of enigmatic women…

Once again Kelly Sanders has set up the story expertly before plunging into the explicit yet erotic core.


Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

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