The Blood Orchid

Luke Martin’s short story The Blood Orchid, published 2012, is one of those stories that could, with some loving care and attention to detail, be developed into an interesting novel. There are a lot of ideas thrown in, but not fleshed out. It’s mostly just a vampire tale, but it’s also erotic and occasionally explicit.

Anna and Chad are vampire hunters, working for the agency, and secretly in a relationship. When Chad is bitten by a vampire and starts to turn, the agency keeps him quarantined and plans to kill him after he turns. Anna learns that it may be possible to save his soul if she can get him to the abyss. She breaks him out, and they go on the run, but can they reach the iron gateway to the abyss before Chad’s transition is complete?

There’s an interesting point that should have been made earlier in the story:

A vampire had to be at least a month old before their venom would be strong enough to turn a human.

This basically means that Anna doesn’t have to worry about Chad biting her, but I’m still confused over their attitude to safe sex.

The description on Amazon says: Everything is going great until Chad gets bitten when the pair don’t receive faulty information about a mission. There’s a mind-twisting concept. The text is littered with typos and grammatical errors. It’s readable, but very distracting, especially, for example:

“If you’re lucky.” He said looking at Anna. “It’ll help him put of his thirst until you get to the abyss.”

Quite aside from the obvious spelling error, the spoken sentence has had a stop inserted. (The author does this all the time!) So it should be:

“If you’re lucky,” he said, looking at Anna, “it’ll help him put off his thirst until you get to the abyss.”

Anyway, enough ranting, but it loses a star for bad English.



Note: Luke Martin has a range of short stories, generally gay and/or paranormal erotic romance, including To Love a Vampire and Hounds on our Heels in the vampire genre.

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