Girls of the Night

I have a thing for bisexual female vampires, and indeed female vampires generally, whether straight, lesbian or other. It’s even a major theme in both my novels, with Suzie (lead singer of Suzie and the Monsters) being pansexual, and Hrana (main character in Kings of Infinite Space) being straight but channeling a lesbian goddess. Both Suzie and Hrana are female vampires, although very different.

I generally don’t buy short stories from Amazon, but I couldn’t resist Amaritta Beane’s Girls of the Night Seek a Third, published in 2011. I really don’t like the cover, but, hey, it was free.

This is an erotic story about two bisexual vampires: Julia, fleshy but firm, a creature made for sex; and her mistress Ilana, a flame-haired delicate angel. Ilana is older and more powerful, and definitely the dom to Julia’s sub. They play for a bit, then hunt for someone to assuage their hunger. They find Jack, whose beanstalk is much too big.

It’s nicely written and easy to read. From a vampire enthusiast perspective, I have to wonder why a human should derive pleasure from being killed by a vampire, but it’s an old question, not specific to this story.

I was intrigued to find this:

… every time is like the first time, hymen restored. Every time, you’re a virgin all over again.

since this is an idea that I included in Suzie and the Monsters, and which led eventually to this blog post: Hymen Enraged.

Anyway, an enjoyable short story. I may even buy some of Amaritta Beane’s other stories.

One last remark. I was amused by this sentence:

I felt my pussy give up another inch or two of ground as he ground his way in.

Not because of the act being described (which is an image uncomfortable enough to break me out my erotic headspace) but because of the quick repetition of the word ‘ground’ with two different meanings.



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A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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