Alyth’s erotic dream

My friend Alyth has been very quiet for the past week. I assumed this meant Cray had reappeared and was keeping her well… entertained. So I was a little startled last night to see a new photo on Facebook of Alyth kissing Tina. Not wholly surprised, mind you, because Tina’s always had a thing for Alyth, but Alyth has always declared herself to be ‘one hundred percent straight’, usually in response to my teasing her about all the pictures of women on her walls. (To be fair, they are all witches, even the naked ones.) Seeing that photo on Facebook, however, I had to wonder what really happened that night last month that the two friends have barely spoken since, exchanging frosty glares whenever forced to share the same space.

‘So, you’ve finally come out of the closet,’ I said when she phoned me today.

‘Oh, God. Not you too,’ she groaned. ‘We are not an item. I’m not gay.’

‘Bisexual, then?’

‘Not even that. Bi-curious maybe. It’s fun making out with a girl, but… I need a man.’

‘So why are you making out with Tina instead of your hot boyfriend?’

‘Ugh. I had to get away from Cray. We had a big fight on Tuesday, with him accusing me of being unfaithful and wanting to know who I’d been sleeping with and where I’d been. I said no one, of course, and then he slapped me. I think he wanted to do worse, but stormed off instead, calling me a – a whore.’

‘I’m so sorry, Alyth.’

‘Yeah, well. I kinda deserved it.’

‘There’s no excuse for him hitting you.’

‘I don’t care about that. It’s the stalking that’s really pissing me off. For the next two days, every time I turned around he was there, glowering at me. A couple of times he grabbed my arm and started shouting at me, calling me a slut in front of my friends. He was even hanging around outside my flat. I had to get away.’

‘So you’ve been hiding out at Tina’s?’

‘There’s nothing like a crisis for repairing friendships. But it’s weird. She’s upset because I don’t love her, and I get upset because she’s upset, and we fight over stupid things.’

‘So how did you end up kissing her?’

‘Well… Saturday night, we fell asleep on the sofa watching TV. I woke up a couple of hours later, she was running her fingers gently over my breasts. I was wearing silk pyjamas, which only made the sensation more intense. My nipples were so, so hard.

‘I pretended to be still asleep, and just let her caresses continue, even though I was aching to touch myself. Gradually she worked the silk away, until my breasts were exposed, and slowly she traced circles around my nipples with soft, warm kisses, while her fingers caressed the silk over my thighs.

‘It was all I could do not to grab her hand and head and force her to satisfy me. My breathing was getting pretty ragged. When she finally took my nipple between her teeth, I moaned out loud, and she withdrew for a few minutes until she was sure I was asleep.

‘I used the opportunity to shift into a slightly better position, lying on my back, so that she would have easier access – if she dared to continue. And she did. She returned to kissing my breasts, and was soon teasing my nipples, with her lips and tongue at first, but as she grew more confident, or more excited, perhaps, she started sucking my nipples and biting them gently. She was driving me crazy. I was loving it.

‘With some difficulty she managed to slide my pyjama bottoms down my legs and off, and then my knickers. I was so wet, they must have been soaked. Then for a while she continued biting and licking my nipples while her hand explored my – are you sure you want all the details?’

‘Yes. No.’

She laughed. ‘Okay. Well. I’ll just say that it was amazing, and as far as she still knows, I slept through the entire thing. I made some cryptic remark in the morning about having had an incredibly erotic dream, and she said, “Me too.” I was so horny all day. In the evening we shared a bottle of wine, watching TV, but all I could think of was her mouth on my… well, you know. Until I thought, “Fuck it,” climbed over to straddle her where she was sitting and kissed her, and things sort of progressed…’

‘Well,’ I said eventually, ‘I’m glad you’re okay and having fun. And now that you’ve discovered the joys of girl-on-girl, you no longer have an excuse not to read my novels.’

She groaned and laughed. ‘Maybe.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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4 Responses to Alyth’s erotic dream

  1. honeysempai1 says:

    Ha! Maybe she’s not as straight as she lets on..

  2. andrew says:

    this is just weird

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